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Why Most Weight Loss Approaches Fail

Most approaches available to you, if you want to lose weight, focus on one thing - what and how much you eat (ok, so technically that is two things).  Now whilst what and how much you eat is clearly important, it is only one aspect of successfully achieving and maintaining your desired size, shape and weight.  There are of course many programmes out there that provide you with exercise advice, and there are many ways to add exercise to your diet regimen to enable you to accelerate your path to successfully achieving your desired size, shape and weight.  Even then, there is a significant element missing from the equation and it is this missing element that ultimately results in the failure of many popular weight loss approaches.  This element is your Mindset.  Working with diet and exercise is working with the symptom, by tackling your Mindset you get to the root cause.

>90% of people I have helped to achieve their desired size, shape and weight had some underlying emotional reason for being overweight in the first place.  Without addressing these reasons, achieving their goals would have been much harder and any success would have been short lived.

For you to achieve and maintain your desired size, shape and weight you must use an approach that:

·         Investigates and corrects what and how much you eat.

·         Incorporates a suitable exercise regimen.

·         Investigates WHY you eat and addresses any underlying emotional attachment to over-eating or poor food choices.