Chris davis, founder & owner of Hypnotic anxiety killer

Chris davis, founder & owner of Hypnotic anxiety killer

You may have heard of the notion that we only use 10% of our brains, and that if we were able to 'switch on' the remaining 90% we would be capable of anything.  The truth is that modern science doesn't support this claim, it is in fact believed that we make use of 100% of our brains on a day to day basis.

Of course, modern science is still unable to fully explain exactly how our brains work or how the brain relates to the mind. 

Just how much of our brains we use and exactly what this means to us in terms of our mental capabilities is a subject that I am happy to leave to the scientists to argue over.

What I do know, from my own clinical experience, is that we all have within us the capacity to change for the better.


If you have a fear that holds you back from doing things, from living life can overcome it.

If you have a habit that is costly, in terms of health, money, can release it.

If you have negative thoughts that are dragging you can rise above them.

If you have self can make it stronger.

If you have can amplify it.

Whether you want to move away from something holding you back, or you want to move toward a brighter future, you can do it.  I can help you, I've done it before with many people like you.

Simply fill in our enquiry form and press 'submit' to begin making the changes you want in your life.  Or if you're ready to 'dive straight in', click on the 'Book Session' button now.